Standard Glassboards are magnetic, and an optional extra for custom Glassboards.
Can be made to nearly any colour imaginable. Made from toughened Starphire glass giving a brighter sharper image. Glassboards can also be fitted with an acrylic pen-tray if required.

Standard white fixing brackets for white Glassboards and silver fixing brackets for black and custom Glassboards. Optional extra for colour-matched fittings.
Generally 4-6 fixing brackets per Glassboard, installation is relatively simple with a finished product mounted to the wall.

Standard sizes listed below with custom sizes available on request:
900 x 600mm, 900 x 900mm, 1200 x 900mm
1200 x 1200mm, 1500 x 900mm, 1500 x 1200mm
1800 x 900mm, 1800 x 1200mm, 2000 x 1200mm
2400 x 1200mm.