Pillar monitor arm features up and down vertical adjustment with a tilt range of -85° to 15° and 360° monitor rotation. Up to 10kg rating per post. Clamp-on for easy installation. Suitable for 20-100mm worktops. Suitable for up to 30 inch monitors, excluding Triple Arm (up to 27 inch). Indent available for Laptop Tray, Triple & Quad Arm Posts.

Fluid gas monitor arm features up and down vertical adjustment with a tilt range of 75° to -45°, 360° monitor rotation, 90° Pivot and 180° Lock. Quick release Vesa plate for easy monitor installation. Clamp-on & bolt-on fittings provided. Gas height adjustment with tension adjustment for monitor weight variance. Each arm is suitable for 2-10kg weight rating. Option for 9-21kg rating per monitor. Suitable for up to 30 inch monitors. Suitable for 10-50mm worktops.

M2.1’s articulating arm offers effortless height and depth adjustment for the majority of flat-panel screens available today, accommodating monitors up to 9kg. It’s interchangeable mounting options attach to a variety of surfaces. Integrated cable management hides cables within the arm. Removable 180° stop protects walls and panels. Arm reach: 510mm, height adjustment range: 255mm, weight: 2.6kg. Made primarily of recycled aluminium, 52% recycled and 99% recyclable content.

The M8.1 combines incredible weight capacity with a stylish, slim profile. Set one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height to collaborate easier through effortless screen sharing, and increased desk space. Through its fusion of flexibility and strength, the M8.1 accommodates any single or dual monitor configuration weighing up to 18kg. Unlike other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8.1 offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in an articulating monitor arm. Accommodate any single monitor from 3.5 – 18 kg or dual monitors up to 9kg each. Arm reach: 560mm, height adjustment range: 290mm. Mount options: Clamp Mount, Bolt-Through Mount, Universal Slatwall Mount, Wall Stud Mount. 62% recycled and 99% recyclable content.

The KT Monitor Arm is one of only a few that offer an integrated softwiring solution complete with all standard offerings of single and double arm configurations, laptop tray and thin client mount.

The Flo monitor arm has an articulated arm to support the monitors allowing free movement in height and lateral adjustment. Options include single, multiple monitor arms or laptop holders. Supporting up to 9kg. Other features include an award-winning design and functionality. Smooth, dynamic movement through patented spring technology. Unique head design that provides unrivalled degree of flexibility for tablets and touch screens. Weight gauge reduces installation time and provides consistent performance. Integrated three-point cable management system.

The CME monitor arm is a cost efficient option for achieving height adjustment and lateral movement of your monitor.
Available in a single post, monitors are supported off a 2 link arm with the ability to increase the quantity of monitors if required, or mount a laptop off the worktop via laptop tray attachment. Featuring a push-button mechanism that allows the monitor to be adjusted from a seated position. Quick release with 90-degree portrait to landscape, screen rotation and secure fastening option. Discreet, effective cable management, bolt through or desk clamp mounting included as standard.

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