Claudio Bellini


Claudio Francesco Bellini (Born 1963) lives and works in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture at the renowned Politecnico University in 1990.
Atelier Bellini was founded in 1996, an innovative design studio with a special interest in and original approach to the relationship between new technologies and creative processes.

In 1998, his revolutionary new office furniture system, TW Collection, introduced a completely new vision in the contemporary office landscape. From that point on, his extensive production of innovative projects in this area, has broadly contributed to anticipating behaviours and trends in the evolution of the working environment over the last years.


Today Claudio Bellini Design, recognized as one of the most influential European studios, is active within several fields of design ranging from furniture and product design to architecture, and collaborating with leading companies worldwide and many of the studio’s creations have received international design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot, IF and Good design awards.
Professor in furniture design at the Genova University from 2004 to 2008, he has held lectures and conferences all over the world, as his work has been extensively published. Claudio Bellini, describes his creative process as a mind adventure; free of any prejudice, animated only by enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism.
This open-minded attitude, combined with a peculiar sensibility for historical heritage, and a deep understanding for material, production processes and market requirements, is clearly expressed in his creations and work method.

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