Xchange is a global design brand with distribution and manufacturing partners in Europe, North America, Asia and exclusively to Baseline in Australia. The company was created by Swiss architect and furniture designer Daniel Korb, and Anthony Kotarac, a Sydney based architect and furniture designer who both share a passion for high quality and well-designed office furniture. Korb and Kotarac believe that “furniture is architecture on a different scale“. This thinking has shaped Xchange‘s approach to office furniture design resulting solutions that seamlessly fuse utility and beauty. The swisserang (the Xchange logo) born from the Swiss Cross and Australian boomerang, is promise of innovative design and quality.


With over 25 years of experience in the design and development of innovative and originally designed workspace and educational furniture systems to the commercial furniture market, Xchange products are solution driven to help improve company performance, increase collaboration and propel cost efficiencies within activity-based work environments.

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